CONFERENCE CHECKLIST: 6 Things to do after a conference SKU: 141765

Learn how to balance follow-up AND the extra workload of being out of the office without being overwhelmed 



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Conferences are Invigorating, exhilarating, and too often overwhelming. Traveling, education sessions, meet-ups, new people, tons of information, and the unpacking can really be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. So much to do, and so many people to follow-up with; lots of busy business for lots of busy business people. 

Will you jump right back into your everyday routine? Will you really put that new education and those new contacts to work? Join Richard Roppa as he walks through the 12 things you should do after every conference. You really can get the most from those dollars you spent, and the time you invested! Learn how to build your business in ways you never thought possible by adding a few little steps to your post-conference routine. It can be exhausting, but it just doesn’t have to be.


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